sobota 14. května 2011


What am I doing at 0:45 AM? When Blogger finally works? I am chatting with my best boy friend, who I know for years. I spent my night partying but while I was coming home I found out that I am meeting so many lonely people. I met my friend hiding at a toillete before her boyfriend. I met a boy broken down on a bench. I met a girl sitting on a swing and looking lonely. I went home alone by the way. A very good friend of mine, who is by the way the boyfriend of the toilette girl, used to feel the same way at every party. Why the hell is sometimes (thanks God for the "sometimes") life so sadistic?

So I need a bit of romance. I need a feeling that there's kinda hope.

PS: I am so scared. I found out that so many known people reads me! I am terrified!

PPS: I met a woman today (already!) yesterday in a bus. She was looking horrible. She was wearing a button with "Depression. My truly best friend." I was shocked and felt sorry for her.

You just HAVE TO listen to this song:

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